The greatest influences are in my personal art are Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Salvidor Dali, Kenneth Rocafort, and Ben Templesmith. I am very fond of Expressionism and alternative styles of modern day comic books as well as 1950’s pin up models.


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About Me

I graduated from UNLV with a BA in graphic design and spent two years working as a Graphic Designer/Photographer/General IT Director at Centaur Art Galleries. I am currently working as an Imaging Artist at Cashman Photo Enterprises and doing freelance work, and I am interested in finding a dedicated graphic design position.

In my personal time, I dabble in illustration work and comic book art. Visual arts are my passion and storytelling are a deep seeded passion of mine and it is my greatest desire in life to forge a successful career in that passion.

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Current Creative Projects

I am getting back into writing, using my uniquely vivid dreams as inspiration. I also feel a large need to get back into drawing, even if it’s just in a sketching. I’ve been pretty taken up in professional endeavors for the last few months and been trying to find a balance.

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Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often. -Mark Twain

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